Call for Papers: International Journal of Cartography

Special Issue – Cartography and Sustainable Development

Guest Editors: Britta Ricker and Carolyn Fish

The International Cartographic Association’s Commission of Cartography and Sustainable Development invites submissions for a Special Issue of the International Journal of Cartography, published by Taylor and Francis. (

The aim of the Journal is to provide a vehicle for publishing key documents from all areas of the ICA research, teaching and professional community’s expertise, and in so doing, to define contemporary cartography and GIScience. The Journal covers a number of areas of endeavour in cartography and GIScience, both traditional and transitional.

Access to resources necessary to sustain life are not accessible to all. The reasons for this are complex and interwoven. Sustainable Development is the process of meeting the necessities of the present without compromising the opportunities of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable Development is an inherently interdisciplinary challenge and addresses issues of environmental, social, and economic justice and equity. It requires changes to current understandings of development to improve human wellbeing through environmental preservation, and social equity, and economic opportunity and development. Cartography can help reduce complexity by illustrating both current realities and future possibilities to reveal spatial patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed. Maps and cartographic visualizations can aid in identifying where to employ local solutions to global challenges, indicating where opportunities could be had, illuminating injustice, and guiding informed decision-making processes more broadly. Well-designed maps employing effective cartographic principles can illuminate strategies to reach a sustainable world.

We invite paper submissions that provide pragmatic, conceptual, theoretical, methodological, and/or empirical basis for supporting and advancing Sustainable Development initiatives through cartography and/or geovisualization. We welcome a wide range of topical issues that address sustainable development including (but are not limited to):

  • The use or modification of maps to advance ecological, social, or economic opportunity, development, and/or justice
  • How cartography is an effective tool to illuminate gaps, where sustainable development initiatives are needed
  • How visualizations can be employed to reify or evaluate challenges associated with Sustainable Development
  • Identifying solutions or challenges faced at different (spatial and administrative) scales (or levels of geography and government) in terms of specific variables related to Sustainable Development
  • Addressing Sustainable Development as it related to cartographic design, production and data management
  • Communicating missing data that could advance Sustainable Development action
  • Exploring issues of scale (either geographic or temporal) in Sustainable Development and cartography
  • Investigating the application of participatory approaches to Sustainable Development and cartography
  • Mapping the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


September 8th, 2023 – Authors Submit Title and short abstract (100-200 words max) (send these expressions of interest to Guest Editors Britta Ricker and Carolyn Fish

September 15th, 2023 – Notification of selected submissions an invitation to submit a full paper

December 15th, 2023 – Full papers due

All submissions and reviewing for papers submitted to the International Journal of Cartography are handled electronically through the Taylor and Francis on-line facility.  This manages the paper-handling process – from submission, to review and revision to publishing.  All papers are double-blind reviewed.

As soon as papers are accepted, typeset, and approved by the author they are published on-line (and article DOI provided).  This speeds-up the time taken from paper acceptance to publishing.  Once all papers for a particular issue are in-hand the print version of the Journal is published. All papers are published with abstracts in English and French.  Additionally, at the authors’ request, and if the author provides the abstract in their mother tongue, it is possible to include a third abstract, in the Authors’ mother tongue.


Please contact Britta Ricker and/or Carolyn Fish  with any questions and with submissions to the Special Issue

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