Mapping for a Sustainable World – Hands on Workshop in Harare Zimbabwe

In this two day hands on workshop held at the Cresta Hotel on the 8-9 of August 2023, participants learned key concepts from the book participants key concepts from the book Mapping for a Sustainable World. Participants were then taught how to use (and clean) official United Nations Sustainable Development Goal indicator data to make a choropleth map and a graduated circle map using QGIS a free open source GIS software. Additionally, there was opportunity to share ideas and experiences through a “World Cafe” and over wonderful meals and coffee breaks.

There were a total of 40 participants were present (while over 180 applied to participate!). These participants had a wide range of professional backgrounds. There were local government employees, local Non-Governmental Organizations such as those from the public health research group CeSHHAR, and students from the University of Zimbabwe and Midlands State University. It was also beneficial to have active members of YouthMappers and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap in attendance.

This event was led by Professor Rob Roth and Britta Ricker. This was a Joint Commission Event hosted together by the UX Commission and the Commission for Cartography and Sustainable Development – the two commission Chairs who are also co-authors of the book Mapping for a Sustainable World.

This event was a great success largely due to the wonderful participants and the local hosts and organizers Tatenda Makanga and Letwin Pondo. We are grateful for funding from the ICA, Utrecht University, and the University of Wisconsin for this event.